Public Art

The graffiti wall painted with the words "Forever in our hearts, Adrian, Isacc, Linette, Yanitza" with painted candles and portraits of them, surrounded by messages from community and family members

17 Apr: Graffiti Wall

The Marshalltown Skatepark Graffiti Rotating Art Wall is owned by the City of Marshalltown and maintained by the Parks and…

A mural of a paper airplane made from three-hole-punched lined paper on the side of a brick building

17 Apr: Paper Airplane

While Justin Nethercut, Nether410, was here for the Tremont mural, he gifted our community with his classic paper airplane. He…

The Rotary Mural with large interlocking geometric shapes in purple, blue, bright pink, and lime green.

17 Apr: Rotary Mural

Mural Title – Cosmic Expansion Mural Objective – This mural will be an energetic and inspirational backdrop for the district….