Graffiti Wall

Artist Name

Rotating Artists


Marshalltown Skatepark 814 S 6th St

Project Sponsor(s)

Marshalltown Parks & Recreation

Installation Date

April 2018

Project Category
  • Mural/2D
  • Public Art

Graffiti Wall

The Marshalltown Skatepark Graffiti Rotating Art Wall is owned by the City of Marshalltown and maintained by the Parks and Recreation department. The creation and idea of this wall was led by Parks and Recreation in 2018. Since the wall was installed, the Arts & Culture Alliance has had a partnership with the City and our local artists to bring the community new artwork on a regular basis.

Rules: The wall is open for use of the community and is first come/first serve. Be Creative, respectful and enjoy everyone’s art. Obscene words or symbols are prohibited. The wall will be whitewashed once per month or on an as needed basis.

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