Rotary Mural

Kim Carlino leans against a mural smiling and looking at camer
Artist Name

Kim Carlino

Artist Info



13th Street District
The Chop Shop

Project Sponsor(s)

Rotary Club of Marshalltown

Installation Date

October 2021

Project Category
  • Mural/2D
  • Public Art

Rotary Mural

Mural TitleCosmic Expansion

Mural Objective – This mural will be an energetic and inspirational backdrop for the district.

The selection committee, made up of Rotary, 13th Street District and Arts + Culture Alliance members, received 13 artist proposals from across the country. Ultimately, Massachusetts artist, Kim Carlino, was selected.

“My work is based in geometric abstraction and rooted in the historical language of 20th century abstraction exploring issues of color, form, flatness, and pattern while juxtaposing abstracted forms from nature and the environment around us to create works that find harmony in the tension of contrasting elements. My work is adaptable and improvisational to any given site as it explores optical playfulness and spatial dimensionality through color, fluid organic forms and geometric patterning. I enjoy the dynamic dialogue of shifting scales and mark making that occurs as I move between my studio practice and the public art realm. In my work I am interested in how abstraction can be a vehicle for metaphors relating to life such as movement, time, and natural processes.” – Kim Carlino


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