Re-Tracing Film Series

Artist Name

Nicholas Cooper and Toree Benson



Project Sponsor(s)

Arts + Culture Alliance

Installation Date

Fall 2021

Project Category
  • Arts + Culture Experiences

Re-Tracing Film Series

(RE) Tracing is a three-part dance film series by local artists Toree Benson and Nicholas Cooper. The piece focuses on the concepts of isolation, coming together, and recovery amidst a pandemic/post-pandemic world. Throughout the films, you will witness two individuals who are affected by isolation in very distinct ways. You will also see how these two rediscover human connection with one another after being forced apart for a long period of time. We hope this project can illuminate our collective and individual experiences of this pandemic and offer hope as we all find our new ‘normal. Check out the videos on our YouTube Page or below:

Thank you to the talented Nicholas Cooper and Toree Benson for creating these beautiful pieces for our community!




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