Sidewalk Safety Murals

A portrait of Lauren Gifford in a pink jumpsuit with paint splatters
Artist Name

Lauren Gifford

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11 School Locations, pictured:
Marshalltown High School

Project Sponsor(s)

MANY local supporters made this project possible!

Installation Date

Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

Project Category
  • Mural/2D
  • Public Art

Sidewalk Safety Murals

In an effort to increase the safety for students in Marshalltown, the Arts + Culture Alliance partnered with the Marshalltown Community School District to create vibrant sidewalk murals at each of the schools in Marshalltown. In May of 2019, our community tragically lost an 8-year-old, Christian Maxon, after being struck by a car while crossing the street after school. We believe the arts provide hope, healing and are a creative way to address and solve community challenges. It is our priority to honor and pay tribute to Christian and his family by increasing safety, awareness, education, beautification and engagement in the arts.

The mural design and verbiage “Look Both Ways” was selected for many important reasons:

  • It is vibrant and bold – our hope is it literally stops people in their tracks to remember street safety.
  • The phrase is universal to everyone – people of all ages, from children to senior citizens, and people of all ethnicities and abilities.
  • The phrase is applicable to everyone – walkers and drivers, allowing the messaging to be spread community wide.
  • Franklin’s mural has a special dedication to Christian including a lightning bolt, representing Flash his favorite super hero, and his favorite color, blue.

School Locations:

Franklin Elementary School
1315 W Main St

Fisher Elementary School
2001 S 4th St

Woodbury Elementary School
8 N 7th Ave

Rogers Elementary School
406 Summit St

Anson Elementary School
1016 S 3rd Ave

Hoglan Elementary School
2306 S 3rd Ave

Lenihan Intermediate School
212 W Ingledue St

Miller Middle School
125 S 11th St

Marshalltown High School
1602 S 2nd Ave

Marshalltown Christian School
1408 S 7th Ave

St. Francis Catholic School
310 Columbus Dr


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