Paper Airplane

Justin Nethercut portrait
Artist Name

Nether410 / Justin Nethercut

Artist Info



Veterans Memorial Courtyard
10 W State St

Project Sponsor(s)

Arts + Culture Alliance

Installation Date

September 2021

Project Category
  • Mural/2D
  • Public Art

Paper Airplane

While Justin Nethercut, Nether410, was here for the Tremont mural, he gifted our community with his classic paper airplane. He shared the story of when he was younger, he and his friends would make paper airplanes and send them off to watch where they would land. They became a metaphor for his life – you never know where life will take you!

The mural is on the back wall of Marshall County Youth and Shelter Services and serves as the backdrop to the Veterans Memorial Courtyard, a pocket park connecting to our Downtown District. The mural aligns with and contributes to the poetry stamped throughout the concrete in the park.


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