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advancing the local arts agency

In order to meaningfully integrate the arts into the daily life of any city, there must be a well-supported local organization managing and coordinating the effort. The Arts + Culture Alliance leads and nurtures the work of making Marshalltown an arts hub and destination. It is the guiding organization for leadership development, advocacy, and funding for the arts. It sustains the health and vitality of artists locally, while ensuring the arts are accessible to all.

What does this look like in action? Much of this work is already happening. However, with increased buy-in and collaboration, this shared work will be even more impactful, effective, and beautiful!

Strong arts leadership is necessary to amplify the unique assets of Marshalltown and strategically connect arts and culture to other civic goals and initiatives.


Creativity is at the heart of a thriving and vibrant Marshalltown.


Lead the development of a creative community through arts and culture.

  • Connect: We are the bridge builder for our community by collaborating and cultivating relationships.
  • Advocate: We promote the value and necessity of arts and culture.
  • Celebrate: We engage and amplify the local arts and culture community.

The Arts + Culture Alliance embraces the following organizational values:

  • Teamwork: We prioritize relationships, partnerships and working together.
  • Inclusion: We value diversity in all forms and promote a culture of inclusion.
  • Impact: We strive to make the greatest impact.
  • Innovation: We constantly challenge the ideas of what’s possible.
  • Accountability: We act with honesty, integrity and transparency.


Thank you to the sponsors of this planning effort.