Postcard Mural

Jimmy Navarro and Katie Jenson standing in front of the Welcome to Marshalltowan postcard mural
Artist Name

Jimmy Navarro and Katie Jensen

Artist Info



Thompson True Value
106 S Center St

Project Sponsor(s)

Marshalltown Development Foundation

Installation Date

November 2021

Project Category
  • Mural/2D
  • Public Art

Postcard Mural

Des Moines artist, Jimmy Navarro, is known for his amazing postcard murals and welcoming murals. The Arts + Culture Alliance, in partnership with the Marshalltown Development Foundation, did a direct commission with Jimmy to create our own special Marshalltown mural.

Marshalltown’s Postcard Mural features iconic places, spaces and symbols of our community. You MUST see it up close and in person to experience the detail of this magnificent piece.

  • M – Marshalltown’s Water Tower
  • A/R/S – Train, signifying Marshalltown’s history of the railroad
  • H – Echo in the 13th Street District
  • A/L – Entrance to the Iowa Veterans Home on North 13th Street
  • L – Dedication to the Future Sculpture by Christen Petersen at the Marshalltown Arts & Civic Center
  • T – Orpheum Theater
  • O – Celebrating all the beautiful cultural diversity in our community.
  • W – Marshalltown High School – Roundhouse – Drills
  • N – A tree stump with a new growth and seedling, signifying our rebirth after the Tornado and Derecho

Fun Fact – If you stand across the street from the mural, you can stand in the center and see the tip of the courthouse coming out of the top of the mural.


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