When People Feel Connected, They Engage To Make A Better Place

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It is human nature to care more about the people and places we are connected with and feel a part of. When residents are connected to their community, they establish a commitment to where they live and become engaged to make it a better place. They feel a sense of belonging and purpose, while having the confidence that they can make an impact and find support in their home community. These feelings fuse people to a place and to each other.

What does this look like in action? It’s volunteering, attending events, voting, sharing positive news, supporting local businesses, picking up trash or weeds, contributing to local causes, giving input on local initiatives, and the list goes on and on.

How does creative placemaking tie to community connectedness? When we dedicate to creating a community that authentically reflects those who call Marshalltown home, we are ensuring the spaces and places we share are ‘uniquely Marshalltown’.

If asked, what are you most proud of in your community, people almost always point to the places that are unique to their town. Just to name a few, Marshalltown residents often point to the 13th Street District, Roundhouse, Courthouse and Gallery Garden. These are all examples of places and spaces radiating innovation, creativity and originality. You will not find them anywhere else. They are uniquely Marshalltown!

​At its core, creative placemaking is a process. The most critical part of that process is the prioritization of engaging the community in developing places to ensure it results in a pride point for residents. This means community members share their ideas, desires, concerns and experiences to influence the end result. It allows for creative solutions and authentic reflection.

We know, cities that weave arts and culture into the fabric of daily life become a destination for visitors, drive economic prosperity and become regional focal points. But most importantly, they flourish into a creative and unique home for their own residents.

As we begin 2024, we invite you to take pART in Marshalltown. Attend an upcoming event, volunteer, pick up trash you walk by or share positive news about our community on your social media. The opportunities to engage and with our community, both big and small, are endless. Take pART with us and show your dedication and pride for Marshalltown! AND be sure to use #takepARTMarshalltown on your next local creative adventure!

Take pART Marshalltown is an initiative of the Arts + Culture Alliance. What started as a marketing campaign post COVID, quickly turned into a call to action to invite the community to take pART in all of the creative and unique offerings in Marshalltown. A dedicated website,, was created with interactive maps and tours of public art and creative experiences in Marshalltown. The arts are a vital part of Marshalltown, representing and uniting our cultures, our people, our lives. From vibrant murals to dynamic sculptures to charming districts, there’s always more to see and explore.

Making a vibrant and welcoming Marshalltown, alive with arts and authentic cultural opportunities, will take all of us. This future is hopeful and attainable. We invite you to take pART with us.



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