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The Arts + Culture Alliance, in partnership with Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD), is excited to reveal its “Embrace the Lead” video. Iowa artist, Akwi Nji, took the lead in creating a brand video with a unique approach to storytelling and highlighted the strengths and points of pride of MCSD. Nji made several visits to Marshalltown to learn about the community and speak with Bobcat representatives, including current students, community members, alumni and district administrators. Each voice has played a role in shaping the final product of the Embrace the Lead video.

Watch the video here

“Marshalltown as a community and district is a remarkable blend of cultures and values that simultaneously honor tradition while sparking future-thinking innovation. We really wanted that to shine through in this project as well as the hometown humility that is an amazing part of Marshalltown’s personality,” said Nji. “This project is designed to be just the beginning of a new way for Marshalltown to claim how amazing it is and tell its story vividly and powerfully. My creative partner Kal Nalls and I are so honored to have been able to collaborate with the Alliance and the MCSD staff and students to amplify the district’s brand story in this unique way.”

The Embrace the Lead video is a unique and innovative approach to inspire, amplify and elevate the MCSD, while increasing school and community pride. It highlights what it means to be a Bobcat and the talents of our students and staff. Community members will see a range of students, staff, and activities featured in the project. Also, the history and points of pride of the district will be shared in the video as well.

“I enjoyed being part of the project because students could share what they admired about our district and ways to show the community who we are,” said Marshalltown High School senior Natalie Andrade. “Apart from that, I think this project is something new and fun. Students had the opportunity to showcase their languages in the skit to show Marshalltown is rich linguistically.”

“This project is a result of the recently adopted City of Marshalltown’s Arts & Culture Master Plan. The plan focuses on community engagement and connectedness, while prioritizing a creative approach that makes Marshalltown unique, distinct and authentically reflect our residents. One of the five placemaking themes in the plan is Elevate Youth. As we know, young people are the future of our community. When we open doors and give them the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive creatively, there are no boundaries to what they can achieve. That’s the moment when passive participation becomes active engagement and produces the creative entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We are thrilled to continue our strong partnership with the MCSD and creatively celebrate what it means to be a Bobcat,” said Amber Danielson, Arts + Culture Alliance Executive Director.

“The Marshalltown Community School District “Embrace The Lead” video does an excellent job exemplifying the passion, purpose and pride in being a Marshalltown Bobcat,” said MCSD Superintendent Theron Schutte. “We hope this video will capture that pride and resonate with our students, parents, employees, community and alumni.”

MCSD and Arts + Culture Alliance believes that the Embrace the Lead project captures the story of the Marshalltown school system and community and instills a refreshed sense of pride. Bobcat pride and Marshalltown community pride are deeply connected and it is showcased in this video.

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Established in 2004, the Arts + Culture Alliance is committed to ensuring creativity is at the heart of a thriving and vibrant Marshalltown, accomplishing the mission and vision by connecting, advocating and celebrating.

Watch the video here


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