Annual Art Supply Fundraiser For Youth Begins

Final Art Supply Fundraiser Sept 2023

We are thrilled to kick off our fourth annual art supply fundraiser in partnership with an amazing local organization, YSS of Marshall County. This effort ties directly to the City of Marshalltown’s Arts & Culture Master Plan. The plan focuses on community engagement and connectedness, while prioritizing a creative approach that makes Marshalltown unique, distinct and authentically reflect our residents. One of the five placemaking themes in the plan is Elevate Youth. Our goal is to raise $1,000! 

“As we know, young people are the future of our community. When we open doors and give them the tools, resources, and support they need to thrive creatively, there are no boundaries to what they can achieve. That’s the moment when passive participation becomes active engagement and produces the creative entrepreneurs of tomorrow,” shared Amber Danielson, Executive Director of the Arts & Culture Alliance.

This effort began in 2020 when YSS was experiencing a 75% increase in therapy cases due to an increase in anxiety, stress and fear from COVID-19. Originally, we anticipated this effort to be a one-time occurrence. However, the response and benefits we have seen transpire out of these art supplies has far exceeded our expectations.

In past years, YSS has seen a 250% increase in support for medication management. Youth are especially vulnerable as they are often unable to naturally express how they feel verbally. However, therapists at YSS can connect with their feelings more effectively through creative means. Art provides an avenue to express how they feel through color and content. The value of art – written poetry, drawn pictures, etc., often says more than the spoken word, especially those with limited language.

Executive Director of YSS, David Hicks, shared, “by supporting the Arts + Culture Alliance’s art supply fundraiser, you are providing tools to which some of the most vulnerable will be able to safely communicate their worries and fears. Our young people will build hope and understanding through creativity. What’s often difficult to discuss, can be more easily relatable through art”.

There are countless stories over the past few years of youth utilizing creativity while on their healing journey and the outcomes are jaw dropping. You can visit the YSS office in downtown Marshalltown and find the interior walls decorated with artwork from their youth participants. Many of which who were previously struggling to attend therapy and programming, are now thrilled to participate because of the pride they feel from seeing their artwork on display.

The mission of YSS is to provide prevention, education, treatment and residential services to children, youth and families; to advocate on their behalf; and to help them solve problems, grow and be self-sufficient, responsible, contributing members of society.

Established in 2004, the Arts + Culture Alliance is committed to ensuring creativity is at the heart of a thriving and vibrant Marshalltown, accomplishing the mission and vision by connecting, advocating and celebrating.

To make a donation towards art supplies for YSS of Marshall County: 

Please make checks out to Arts + Culture Alliance & Send to PO BOX 386, Marshalltown, IA 50158

Online Donations Accepted at (*click donate now & select art supplies)


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